Dawn is Magic – A Vampire Romance

The fourth and final release in the Hearts of Dagon series has arrived! Enjoy more tales of the Bradens, the vampire clan from the Pacific Northwest!

His Kiss Can Save the World…

They broke up more than a hundred years ago, but these vampires are ready for a second-chance romance.

Armando is a vampire elder, the leader of the Braden clan nestled on the Oregon-California border. Life is good, his troubles are over, friends and lovers abound, but there are always thoughts about the one who got away…

Ursula is the Vampire Queen of Dagon. Feuding, bloodthirsty vampire clans plot against her, threatening her throne. Even worse, someone’s conspiring with magic-using extraterrestrials to rip Earth apart. Keeping order is a full-time job. Who has time for romance? Not her!

Everything comes to a head for these two star-crossed lovers in the vampire city of Nyx, a magical realm beyond the mortal world. Fate throws them together for one last, epic journey where they must confront their past, battle their opponents, and save Earth itself.

Dawn is Magic is a standalone novel of paranormal vampire romance with a happy ending, the fourth and final book in a series following the lives and loves of the Braden family. If macho vampire princes and tough-as-nails vampire queens are your thing, give it a bite