Fire is Magic – Ready to Read!

I’m pleased to announced that Fire is Magic, the third book in the Hearts of Dagon series of paranormal romance is now live and well on Amazon for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. From the blurb:

You can’t kill me, I’m already dead…

Dreck is a vampire seeking answers about his sire’s murder. Jordan, a battle-scarred slayer, questions her faith.

Hot on the killer’s trail, Dreck enters a deadly underworld of lycan blood sports. Fighting as the vampire heel in a shifter circus, he faces down whole crowds screaming for his head. It’s a dangerous existence he endures one night–and one fight–at a time.

After ten years hunting vampires, Jordan has scars to prove it–and little else. She’s burned out and ready for a sabbatical. But when her undead nemesis returns from beyond the grave, she finds refuge in a lycan blood circus … and in Dreck’s arms. It’s not just good, it’s great.

When they discover each other’s true natures, love turns into open warfare. But a common enemy forces a shaky truce–even a renewed attraction–until one monstrous secret threatens their fragile spark.

Fire is Magic is a standalone novel with a HFN ending, part of a larger series following the lives and loves of the Braden vampire family. If you love paranormal romance and happy endings, give it a bite

So a few words about this novel. This was a fun one to write, because it took the little-known George Braden character out of the Braden House and into the lycan underworld (lycan is the term I use for shifters in my universe, for reasons I can get into another day). This is the first book to portray shifters in a big way, even though neither lead character here is a shifter.  As far as our leads do go, Jordan is to my mind the strongest female lead character yet, being a vampire slayer with ten years experience. She’s got a lot of sorrow, a lot of toughness, and a lot of faith, though she’s questioning the latter. I always tried to avoid the ‘sassy’ PNR/UF heroine model here, and went with someone who’s dead serious, because hunting vampires is grim business, boys and girls. In some respects, she’s the anti-Buffy, though no disrespect to SMG and that classic series.
George “Dreck” Braden is also far, far more alpha of a hero than Xerxes in Night is Magic. Not an alpha-hole, not a billionaire, but just a tough, strong guy all around. I don’t mind admitting that a major inspiration for his character was Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. My only regret is that we didn’t get more George in Books 1-2, so that readers would be more excited about his upcoming story. But as it is, he’s barely mentioned in Book 1 and is somewhat mysterious in Book 2.
I don’t think this story is perfect by any means, but it was fun! And if you received the ARC read, please forgive the typos that existed in that version. It was sent out prior to the final proofreading. The published edition was far more polished.