Fire is Magic – A Vampire Romance

The third release in the Hearts of Dagon series has arrived! Enjoy more tales of the Bradens, the vampire clan from the Pacific Northwest!

“You can’t kill me, I’m already dead…”

Dreck is a vampire seeking answers about his sire’s murder. Jordan, a battle-scarred slayer, questions her faith.

Hot on the killer’s trail, Dreck enters a deadly underworld of lycan blood sports. Fighting as the vampire heel in a shifter circus, he faces down whole crowds screaming for his head. It’s a dangerous existence he endures one night–and one fight–at a time.

After ten years hunting vampires, Jordan has scars to prove it–and little else. She’s burned out and ready for a sabbatical. But when her undead nemesis returns from beyond the grave, she finds refuge in a lycan blood circus … and in Dreck’s arms. It’s not just good, it’s great.

When they discover each other’s true natures, love turns into open warfare. But a common enemy forces a shaky truce–even a renewed attraction–until one monstrous secret threatens their fragile spark.

Fire is Magic is a complete, standalone HEA novel without cliffhangers. If you love paranormal romance and happy endings, give it a bite