Hearts of Dagon Released

It’s here! Just in time for the holidays, enjoy all four Hearts of Dagon vampire romances in one neat package for a single bite. This collection features updated texts, background material, and a bonus story Sex is Magic–along with all four previous Dagon novels: Blood is Magic, Night is Magic, Fire is Magic, and Dawn is Magic.

Mortal and immortal. Man and woman. Vampire and slayer. Sire and spawn.

These are tales that turn the heart, stories of love and redemption, drama and death, tales of passion and the paranormal, from small-town California to vampire cities in the Spirit World.

The Hearts of Dagon bundle collects four complete, standalone paranormal romance novels linked by common themes and recurring characters.

  • Blood is Magic: Stalked, harassed, she only wants to sell a house—then she hits a man with her car. Will this mystery man be her salvation—or her damnation?
  • Night is Magic: Undeath sucks. So says this young vampire, until she meets the man of her dreams. But will the Underworld chew up their love and spit them out?
  • Fire is Magic: He’s a vampire, searching for his sire’s killer. She’s a vampire slayer, a shell-shocked veteran of spiritual warfare. Somebody should have warned them before they fell into bed.
  • Dawn is Magic: It’s a second chance romance for this vampire queen and her first lover and only true romance, the bold and brassy head of House Braden.

The Hearts of Dagon bundle also includes a bonus steamy short and background material and a preview of future work. Get it here on Amazon.