Blood is Magic Gets a Cover

My upcoming paranormal romance Love is Magic  (renamed Blood is Magic) now has a cover!  Not sure what else to say except thank you to Melody Simmons for this excellent pre-made featuring some fine composite work. If you’d like to read the excerpt, please feel free. The story is currently in pro-beta read and by signing up for my newsletter you can be alerted to its imminent release.

DEAD eyes made of glass stared down from the head of a bighorn ram.

Why are you here? it asked, one fallen sheep to another. Other heads lined the walls: mule deer, pronghorn antelope, even a black bear, its snarl frozen in time through the magic of taxidermy.

Good question. Why was I here?

Shotguns, hunting rifles and semiautomatics hung on racks behind glass. Boxes of ammo filled the shelves like so many packages of laundry detergent. Fishing poles, tents, and racks of clothing filled the shop with normalcy. But what’s normal about needing a gun?

A thirty-something woman came out of the stockroom, retail smile on her face. She was my size, five-foot-five or so, trim with a touch of pudge here and there. We could’ve traded clothes no problem and the way she curled and lightened her hair, we might be using the same salon.

So why the renaming? 🙂

A quick search of the name “Love is Magic” brought up several children’s books. That’s not quite what I was going for!