My Awesome Gang Interview

Hi all, so as part of a free book promotion deal I did with Awesome Gang a while back, they interviewed yours truly for a few thoughts about how I write, what sort of background I have in it, and other fun stuff. It’s a quick, fun read, gives you a bit more of an idea of where I’m coming from, and–who knows?– maybe it will inspire you to write, read, or make strange little paper cutouts of fictional characters!

Here’s an excerpt from the full interview:

What inspired the series?
I couldn’t tell you when exactly I decided to write this series or why, only that when I chose to write in paranormal romance it was inevitable I would write about vampires (even though shifters so dominate the market now), because I simply love vampires. They are powerful, mysterious, tragic, strange, creepy and (sniff) beautiful.

Do you have any unusual writing habits?
Hmm, this might be a little weird, but for my latest book, I had a number of characters in different locations so to avoid confusion, I created ‘action figures’ for each character. In photoshop, I made 2D cut-outs of each character, printed them out, taped them to cardboard, and put them in groups in different parts of the room so I could visually ‘see’ where everybody is. Ridiculous, huh?

[That’s a picture of some of the characters at the top of the post! Back row, L to R: Malmardane, Rowan, Mabon, Liam; Front row: Dez, Dreck, Cher, Kit. I prefer the simpler 2D illustrations to photographs as they waste less ink.]

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and allowed to take a few books with you what books would you bring?
How to Survive on a Desert Island
How to Escape a Desert Island
1001 Fun Things to Do on a Desert Island

Be sure to check out the whole thing here!