Open Call For ARC Readers

Do you love to read? Do you love to read paranormal romance?

Do you love to read paranormal romance by Alix Adale?

Then you’re in luck! I’ve just launched a brand new ARC Team. An ARC stands for advanced review copy, meaning a group of people who receive an author’s work before it’s published, for free, so they can leave reviews of the work as soon as it arrives.

My ARC team is so new it doesn’t have a name yet. Maybe we will call it the Bleeding Edge ARC Team. That might be kind of scary. How about the Desiree Braden Fan Club? The Red Panda Club? Nah, that would be favoritism and cause turmoil in the Braden clan. Anyway, whatever name we end up choosing, we want you on the team!

To join, please fill out the form right over here. Ta-da!