Paranormal Romance Binge!

Hey everybody, do you like free reads? Who doesn’t? Well I’m involved in part of a free reads campaign put together by our friends over at Night Owl Romance and Instafreebies. My contribution is the novella Vampire Encounter, which tells the story of a young woman named Svetlana who meets an earnest young man on a train while on her way to meet her online husband. It’s a charming (or so I’m told 😛 and what’s fun about it is that I was just writing Svetlana again yesterday–she plays a supporting role in the upcoming fourth book in my Hearts of Dagon series, Dawn is Magic!

But that’s only one of twenty PNR freebies on display. Posted below is a screen showing just a couple of rows of the books on display.

Click the pick above or check it out here!

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