S.T. Sanchez Interviews Alix Adale

I was lucky enough to catch up with fellow vampire author S.T. Sanchez recently and we chatted about vampires, paranormal romance, and the indie author process. She was kind enough to post up my remarks on her blog in interview form, so I encourage you to check it out! Here’s a little snippet of the usual nonsense that I spew nonstop twenty-fours a day! 🙂

Currently, what are you working on?
Right now, I’m working on the fourth book in my Hearts of Dagon series, called Dawn is Magic. It’s a second chance romance between Armando—the head of the Braden vampire clan featured in this series—and a woman who is more than his match, Ursula, the Vampire Queen of Dagon. Not only do they have that dynamic going on, it’s a second-chance romance, because their love goes back a couple centuries. Can they get it right this time?

After that, I’m [considering] a bridge book or two featuring the series’ designated bad girl Cherise—it might be a tough making her likable, as readers do not like her at all and for good reason—before moving on to the next vampire clan in the grand scheme of things, a family closely allied with the Bradens called the Eibons. Which means, of course the Bradens will return in supporting roles and cameos in those books. It’s like an extended family.

Is Fire is Magic a stand-alone novel or part of a series?
All four of the novels mentioned—including Fire is Magic, just out, and Dawn is Magic, my current work in progress—make up the Hearts of Dagon series. All of my paranormal romance and urban fantasy series (I shade far more toward UF than eRom or New Adult in my books) all fit into the same universe, so just because the four-book Braden series is over doesn’t mean I’m done with that setting, those characters, or the overarching storylines. My ultimate goal is what I like to call a ‘supernatural Sopranos’ or a ‘paranormal Game of Thrones.’

Thanks again for the interview, S.T.! Look for a reciprocal interview about her Sunwalker Trilogy series coming soon.