Vampires & Werewolves & Worldbuilding, Oh My!

Recently I had an opportunity to blog about vampires, werewolves, and worldbuilding on Maureen Miller’ blog, Just Paranormal Romance. Naturally, I chose to write about a topic near to all of us: vampires, werewolves, and world-building–oh my!

Now, because this post is on another blog, I can’t post the whole thing here. Well I could, but that would be silly. So here’s a snippet and a link!:

Writing is hard. There are thousands of other books competing for the attention of your readers—in your genre alone. So any tip that helps us keep readers immersed is a Good Thing™, right? Today we’ll talk about one of those tips: consistent world-building. Or as I like to say around Alix’s Vampire Factory, “Vampires & Werewolves & World-Builders, Oh My!”

What is worldbuilding? In a nutshell, it’s the same thing as creating a fictional character, but instead of designing a schmexay alpha hero with a robust stock portfolio and smoldering eyes, you’re building out his entire setting: the alpha’s corporation, where he acquired his vampirism, what are the limits of his powers, what other kind of creatures might be around to challenge his underworld strength and impressive 401K plan.

Get the whole scoop here!

Checking for spoilers, checking for spoilers… clean!